To enter a trial you must have a member user account (no charge) and your dog must be regitered with Wag It Games. If you do not have a member user account you will be directed in how do do so prior to submitting your registration

       Videography Rules

  • Video must be of one complete course run from beginning to end without edits.
  • Dog and handler must be easily seen at all times.
  • Your voice must be audible.  
  • Videographer may be in the ring.
  • Please move camera as little as possible.
  • If participating in Shadow Skills you may use 1 mulligan, but you must state you are doing so prior to repeating the station.


Shadow Skills & Dog Ball available now

More skill divisions coming soon.

Rules & Exercise Descriptions apply 
(Please see the individual Skill Division rules and General Rules.)

Enter multiple levels 

In other words, you do not need to earn your Novice title before entering Skilled and/or Proficient Level. We feel that if you have trained it, you can play in it.

Nested Courses 

It is easy to build the course levels on top of each other.​

Regular and Video Qs may be combined. The category in which 50% of Qs are earned in designates the title. Examples; 3 or more Qs earned in regular trials have a regular title, ​3 Qs or more earned via video will include a V.


Contact Rita our Wag It Games Video Program Director for assistance? 

Email Us


Add a video trial session for your students


Gather some friends

Set the courses and video each other's runs.

Wag It Games Video Trial Program


Trial when and where it suits you.

Each month a new trial will be available

  • Register for the Skill Division you would like to participate in
  • Receive your course on the first of the month or immediately if the trial is already underway
  • Upload a video of your run to our site through our simple upload link (No YouTube required) 
  • Receive your detailed score sheet from our judge by the 15th of the following month
  • Receive notification of placement achievement

          *Wondering if you can video more than one run? Sure! Unlike in person                      trials you are welcome to perform the course as many times as you like                      however you may only submit one video per entry.​​


Open date is the 15th of the month prior to the trial month
Close date is 22nd of the trial month

Entry Fees - $20.00 for each course and or level

Dogs must be registered with Wag It Games to participate