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$75.00 (one time fee)

This level offers license to teach Wag It Games with the benefits, requirements and restrictions listed below. ​

This level does not include instruction. 

*Failure to abide by these requirements and restrictions will result loss of licensing.

Licensed Instructor Benefits

  • Listing on the Wag It Games Website with contact link.
  • Authorization to use the "Wag It Games" logo on your website. (A link to must be included when using the logo online)
  • Use of Wag It Games promotional brochures. (Brochures include space for your contact information)
  • Printable Licensed Instructor Certificate.
  • Access to the Instructor/Judges Yahoo Group. (Offering discussion and a variety of support materials and resources)
  • Authorized to teach classes titled as Wag It Games classes.
  • Authorized to use the Wag It Games name for classes incorporating Wag It Games.
  • Authorized to teach Wag It Games educational events that are not more than 2 hours in duration per day.
  • Authorization to promote Wag It Games classes on the Wag It Games Facebook group.
  • Discounts on the Wag It Games Instructor Course
  • Additional specials and discounts.

Licensed Instructor Requirements

  • Agrees to uphold the mission of Wag It Games - "Wag It Games Instructors have a mission to offer training, enrichment and events that support the dog/owner relationship through activities that are a positive experience for both dog and owner."
  • Agrees to offer training based in positive reinforcement and force free methods.
  • Agrees to train in a manner that is safe, supports the dog's physical well being and a comfortable emotional state.
  • Agrees to teach with support and encouragement at all times.
  • Agrees to welcome and support dogs and handlers with physical challenges.
  • Agrees to work in a synergetic manner with fellow Wag it Games instructors.
  • Agrees to carry appropriate insurance.

Licensed Instructor Restrictions

  • Wag It Games classes will only be offered to dogs with good social skills with no more than minimal reactive issues. (Reactive is defined as having triggers that cause the dog to become overly aroused)
  • Reactive dogs, dogs with a known history of aggression, under warning or banned in any venue will not be accepted into any general Wag It Games class. This does not restrict instructors from offering specialized classes incorporating Wag It Games activities. Example: Reactive Dog Classes may incorporate Wag It Games.  (Aggression is defined as behavior interpreted to have intent to do harm)
  • Harsh corrections,  E-collars, choke collars and prong collars are prohibited from any activity that includes Wag it Games. (A harsh correction is defined as any action that results in a strong adverse reaction from the dog) 
  • Licensed instructors are not authorized to teach any Wag It Games (in any form) via any electronic or online method.  

*Failure to abide by these requirements and restrictions will result in loss of license and all benefits.

*These Benefits, Requirements and restrictions may change. A minimum of 30 days notice will be given.