Coming this Spring

New Exercises withFitPAWS® equipment

Thank you to FitPaws for their generous support of Wag It Games

For participants

*It's about camaraderie

*Ribbon ceremonies after each class

*Disabled handlers welcome

*Mulligans offer 1 free do over

*Bonus exercises to earn extra points

*Any level at any time. If you have trained it why  not play it?

*Video competing coming soon

*Training runs allowed

For the Dog

*Amazing variety packs in the fun

*Opportunities to enjoy rewards in the ring.

*Heart Dog division for disabled dogs

*Exercise adjustments available for dogs with  temporary physical limitations

For the Host

*Designed for the average sized training facility 

*Reasonable ring size requirements

*Easy to run trials perfect to offer your students

*Great for novice to advanced students

*Ideal for pet dog owners

*Video competing coming soon. Host a trial without the expense. 

Wag It Games

No Need for Speed Obstacle Skills

A numbered course of diverse obstacle challenges