Participant Comments

"I have enjoyed this course sooo much and have learned loads.

I don't want it to end!!!!! Seriously Sumac you have inspired me!"

Belinda, UK

​"I have enjoyed the course very much and learned a whole lot.

Not just about training dogs with a different mind set, 

approach and new skills, but I learned a lot about myself

and how I need to improve on many levels.

Learning comes through pleasure - as it should. :)"

Bob, WY, USA

"I really appreciated seeing the steps to make this complex game seem

simple to learn. That's exactly what I was hoping to get out of this course." 


Yes indeed this has been beyond the most absolute pleasure to

partake in the 9/2015 WIG's instructors course.

I could not have imagined in advance just how valuable

it would be. It's already changed my training

and teaching approach. One million THANK YOUs.

Jeb, CA, USA

​"I am getting a lot out of the course.

Your approach to teaching classes is super-helpful. 

Sherry, CA, USA

A course for EVERY instructor

Next course November 1, 2019

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CEUs  - ​CCPDT-21 CEUs, IAABC 25 CEUs 

  • Teaching should be judged by the ability of the students to understand, implement and benefit from it.
  • Great teaching takes knowledge beyond the specific skills being taught.
  • Great instructors have a broad understanding of learning, teaching techniques, creativity, respect for the student,

          motivation and an always-open mind.

  • Students of great teachers progress towards their goals enjoy the learning process and rave about what they have experienced. 

  • This course is for EVERY instructor.
  • Become more effective and an instructor students rave about.
  • Reinvigorate your teaching, enhance your current offerings, add Wag It Games fun to your program and or raise the bar of your agility foundation program.
  • This course is designed to inspire.. 


     You Have

  • Human students with limited skills 
  • Distracted dogs
  • A dose of chaos 

     Your Task

  • Support the dog/owner relationship while teaching a variety of behaviors 
  • Offer classes full of fun and success so students rave and come back for more
  • Motivate your students to train at home
  • Build interest in future classes with you

      You Need

  • Knowledge far beyond canine behavior and specific exercises
  • A broad understanding of learning and teaching  
  • The ability to take teams to their goals quickly while having fun


  • ​​24/7 course access (No need to be on line at a certain time)
  • A full year of access to course materials
  • Eight Weekly lessons that include video and written information and instruction
  • Instructor feedback is offered on every discussion post, assignment and video
  • Mid course one week break 
  • A two week break mid course and a full month at the end of the course is included to complete assignments and ask questions
  • Follow Up support. Wag It Games is here to be of assistance to all certified Wag It Games Instructors.​​​

       Course Work Load

  • 5-7 hours per week computer time
  • Video submission of the following:
    • A minimum of 4 video sessions teaching 2 or more dog/handler teams that may be students, volunteers or friends.
    • A minimum of 4 video sessions of your personal training​​