Included is a full year of access to course materials. 

  • Teaching tips and skills for teaching Wag It Games exercises

  • Speed Teaching Techniques - Teach affectively and efficiently

  • Observe Interpret Act - Read teams and formulate individualized instruction

  • Split Teaching - Breakdown your instruction to offer lots of mini successes

  • Change The Picture - Adjust in seconds to support and facilitate progress

  • Curriculum Tips - Lesson plan suggestions

  • Reading Humans & Dogs - Understanding body language

  • Teaching Techniques - Teaching for optimum results

  • Learning Styles - Recognize and teach to learning styles

  • Group Dynamics - Facilitate a learning atmosphere and camaraderie

  • Positive Reinforcement - For human and canines

  • Humor - Humor as an effective teaching tool

  • Hosting Trials - Offer mini trials for your students to test their skills

  • Marketing Tips - Draw the students you desire​

  • Resource list

  • Reading Suggestions


*Registering as a licensed Instructor and satisfactory completion of this course 
satisfy the requirements to become a certified Wag It Games instructor.

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