It is easy to switch your dog to Heart  Dog Status. Simply log into the  member user area, select your dog  and check off the Heart Dog  Options.


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In Training

Wag It Games recognizes that training and attending classes may enhance the life of a dog with physical limitations or in advancing age. Instructors are pleased to adjust training to meet individual dog's needs. 

Please contact a Wag It Games instructor in your area if you would like your Heart Dog to participate in Wag It Games training.


Inspiration for the Heart Dog Program

Heart Dog Program

Dogs with Physical Limitations Welcome​

​Dogs with permanent physical challenges due to physical disability or age will be supported through performance criteria adjusted to meet their individual needs

 To register your dog as a Heart Dog to  participate in competitive events simply  select that option during registration.

 A member user account is required to  register your dog. If you have not created  a user account you will be directed how  to do so prior to registering your dog.

In Competition

  • Any exercise performance criteria modified to meet individual needs. 
  • Any exercise may be replaced with another exercise on a course to meet indivual needs. 
  • Since every Heart Dog may perform the course differently, they participate for qualifying scores and titles only.They do not compete against any other teams. 
  • Once a dog is declared a Heart Dog all titles earned will include an H*. (Dogs may not be moved from Heart Dog status back to regular status.)
  • Heart Dogs may participate in all Skill Divisions with the exception of Agility (for safety reasons)
  • ​Dogs are not eligible to participate if they show signs of pain, illness or injury,  wearing bandages or have stitches

Heart Dog Adjustment Form

Heart Dog handlers must submit a copy of the exercise adjustments and or alternative replacement exercises to the judge for approval prior to course walk through. Judges are available to support and assist with adjustment plans or the use of equipment on the course to perform alternative exercises. Exercise adjustment forms are available here as well as at the trial site. 

Modification Example 
Physical Challenges - Missing one rear leg and/or Senior Dog 

Sit, sit to stand and steps have become difficult, stressful and/or dangerous for the dog.

Shadow Skills  Modification Request
The number of sit to stand the dog is able to perform may depend on any given day's activity the handler requests the option for a Stand and Pause in Position to replace sits if this is necessary to support the dog. 

No Need for Speed Obstacle Skills Modification Request
The handler requests the dog not perform the steps in the Bridge exercise.The handler may request that one of the two tunnels set for the Tunnel Twice exercise may be used to perform a Single Tunnel to replace the Bridge station. 

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