The Classes

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          Scoring Chart

     Traditional Class

     Jumps and Tunnels

     Fast on the Flat

       Challenge Class

       Points Class 

         Agility Rulebook 

            This rulebook has not been to the final edit. Rules are accurate                           however format may be adjusted and minor typos may exists. We                       expect final rule books to be available by April 1. Thank you for your                   understanding.

     Title Chart

For participants

  • Five classes and three levels of fast fun
  • It's about handling
  • It's about camaraderie
  • Ribbon ceremonies after each class
  • Any level at any time. If you have trained it why  not play it?
  • ​Training runs allowed
  • Coming soon. Video competing options.


  • Designed to support the dog's well being
  • Lower jump heights based on the dogs leg length
  • Fun jumps with leaves, flower pots, cones, etc.
  • Tunnels of a variety of lengths
  • The Speed Bump (our wider smaller dog walk)
  • A Frame with gentle ramp angles
  • Weave poles
  • No See saw
  • No Chute


  • Designed for the average sized training facility 
  • Easy to run trials perfect to offer your students
  • Great for novice to advanced students
  • Ideal for pet dog owners
  • Compatible for teams competing in other venues

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